CSCS Season Opener May 15 2016

Well it sure was a crazy CSCS opener this year. We had blizzard type weather at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park DDT. It was freezing and the snow did not help anything. At one point my lens froze up on me causing some focusing issues. I had 3 layers of clothing on just to stay mobile. I have honestly can’t remember weather like this in May and never at a CSCS event. The odd September event might be chilly but nothing compared to yesterday. Needless to say I was not moving around as much as usual at a event. Many images were tossed because I was shaking so much.
Would like to thank CSCS, the two very brave models and all the racers and fans for sticking it out, truly an event to remember.
Enjoy the coverage I manged to get and see everyone next time.