CSCS Round 2 June 26 2016

Well I’d like to start off with being a little disappointed in myself. I was having issues all day with my camera gear. In the morning I thought it was just me because it was a new lens and setup but figured it had to be some settings within the camera. After some googling the day after I found others with the same problem and they resolved it by disabling some settings. I really hope this solves my problems.

Anyways on to the event. Round 2 CSCS at Toronto Motorsport Part was a hot one compared to the season opener where we had snow. I couldn’t really complain though any weather is better than snow! I did my best to make it around the entire show capturing what I could. It’s not an easy task at all, any photographer will attest to that. Over 10 hours on my feet that I still can’t feel two days later. As always CSCS has something for everyone. If you missed this one then make sure you mark your calendars for the next one.

Would like to thank CSCS and all their amazing staff and volunteers, all the amazing fans that come out and support the event and all the competitors. It was a great day minus my camera issue and we’ll see you at round 3.

Enjoy the coverage and when posting don’t forgot to tag @skootermedia.