CSCS Round 2 July 5th 2015

Welcome to round 2 of the 2015 CSCS season and what an event it was. We all know it was hot and sticky on Sunday and lucky for most of you, you get to wear shorts and sandals us media sadly don’t have that option but it is for our own safety.

I have been to almost every event CSCS has ever held and I love how it’s evolving year after year and at this event they held the first ever wheel to wheel Max Attack racing event at the end of the day and if you missed it then you should have stuck around. It was 5 laps and it that short time James Houghton managed to come from the back of the pack to finish first. It was truly awesome to see and from what I am hearing this will happen again at Round 3 in Montreal. So make sure you stick around till the end.

Below I have just over 900 images from the day. It may be a little excessive but I enjoy giving you all that was captured from the day.
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See you at round 3 in Montreal.