CSCS Finale 2016

This concludes the 14th year of CSCS and my 10th year shooting at their events. This year had a lot of ups and downs from a freak snow storm in May, a crazy down pour at the finale and I personally had some camera issues which lead me to learn a new camera and gear.
Track records at the finale again were broken as the cars have evolved into true track monsters. Year after year CSCS¬†grows and the cars keep getting faster, it sure has been awesome to see the last 14 years. Let’s see what year 15 brings.

I personally would like to thank everyone that makes these events possible and to all of you that come out and enjoy these events. CSCS truly has something for everyone.

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Sidenote: Sorry for the delay, I had a strange allergic reaction to something this week and the Benadryl kicked my ass.