CSCS Aug 30th 2015

It sure was a long day for the 4th round of CSCS at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Total of 6 hours of driving and about 9 hours at the track. I had a bit of a freak out when I went to grab my gear, my main camera battery was dead even though I had charged it and checked it the night before. Good thing I bring my back up camera although I did not have the range I was use too. All in all things turned out just fine and gave me the opportunity to shot with my a6000 all day. This was only my second time at Shannonville and was a whole new experience figuring out where to shoot, the previous time was probably 18 years ago when I attempted to track my Civic. I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did. Congrats to all the winners from the day and we’ll see you all at the season finale Sept 20th at Toronto Motorsport Park in Cayuga.