Hey, I’m Scott Mackay and this is my personal media site a.k.a. Skooter Media. I have ran several sites in the past including JDMTuned.com and MyDragCar.com. I have also assisted many others with their sites over the years and have now decided that I need my own site to show off some of the stuff I have done. So keep coming back to see what projects I am working on.

A few frequently asked questions:

How do you pronounce your last name?
People often pronounce my last name wrong and that’s ok I guess but I always correct them. Mackay is properly pronounced “mhuc eye” not “mah kaay”.

If you were born in Scotland, where’s your accent?
Honestly I wish I still had one but because my family moved to Canada at such a young age I lost it when I was about 6 years old.

What did you take in school?
I have always been artistic so when I ventured into high school I went to a school that had an arts program which specialized in art, music, drama and yes dance. However, after grade 11 I had found a love for drafting/architecture and opted to head back to the school I was suppose to go to.
I then took Architectural Technology in college which got me my first career job.

But you don’t do architecture…
This is true. My first job did start as a drafting/site survey position and evolved into much more.

So what is it you do now?
I am a UI/UX developer, developing websites and statistics applications for hockey leagues and teams.

When did you start web design?
I started to play with websites about the same time as I started drag racing. I wanted to have a site to promote my drag car and it evolved from there. The first real site I started was AllMotorSOHC.com then came MyDragCar.com and then JDMTuned.com. I have had a few others which didn’t do much but I like to play around a lot.

How long you been taking pictures?
I started taking pictures right after I stopped drag racing. I still wanted to be apart of the scene but didn’t want to race anymore, that would have been back in 2006.

What equipment do you shoot with?
I currently shoot with a Sony a7ii  and a Sony a6000.